Nonino Amaro Quintessentia - 750ml

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About Nonino

The art of distillation has been a Nonino Family privelege since 1897. The Nonino Distilleries, unique in the world, consist of five artisinal distilleries, each with 12 exclusive batch steam stills for the production of the inimitable Nonino Distillates, respecting the tradition and the rhythms of true craftmanship. The Nonino Family personally takes care of the purchase of the primary products and follows the various phases of distillation to guarantee the maximum quality of the distillate. 100% Artisinal Method.

Benito Nonino, his wife Giannola, and their three daughters Cristina, Antonella and Elisabetta, continue to lead Italian distillers through their devotion to research, quality and innovation. In 1984, Benito and Gianolla solidified their status as industry leaders by introducing the world's first single-vineyard, single-grape distillate produced using whole grape clusters. This product, known as UE (pronounced 'Oo-ay') further revolutionized the industry and introduced distillates with uniquely intense aroma and flavor components.