Caorunn Highland Strength Small Batch Gin - 750ml

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Caorunn Gin - pronounced 'ka-roon' from the Gaelic for Rowan Berry - is expertly handcrafted in small batches of 1,000 liters at a time by our Gin Master, Simon Buley at Balmenach Distillery, a working malt whisky distillery in the Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands. Harnessing Scotland's unique natural resources, Caorunn is made of the highest quality pure grain spirit, crystal clear Scottish water, 6 traditional and 5 Celtic botanicals (Rowan Berries, Heather, Coul Blush Apples, Dandelion and Bog Myrtle). Gin Master, Simon handpicks the Celtic botanicals from the hills surrounding the breath-taking setting of Balmenach Distillery in the Cairngorms National Park, when they are in season.