Pernod Superieure Absinthe - 750ml

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Color: Bright green close to yellow, combined with water, Pernod Absinthe is adorned with a light opalescent green. Nose: The powerful note of the wormwood herb, both green and animal (musky) is refreshed by herbaceous notes of hyssop and citrus notes of lemon balm. The whole note is softened by floral and round notes of anise seed. The extracts of other aniseed plants enhance the freshness and bring their contribution to the complexity of the product. Palate: The attack is fresh, with a distinctive feature marked by wormwood herb softened by aniseed notes. Then, green, spicy and slightly medicinal notes from other plants follow, bringing a lot of complexity. The final note is a balance between the smooth and almost sweet note from aniseed and the bitterness brought by the Pontique wormwood.